Wish I Could Say More

Tuesday is just around the corner, and I am excited as ever to see what Apple has planned. It appears they have booked the iconic Flint Theater at DeAnza College where the original Mac was unveiled. They also have built a special structure along side the theater just for this event! Suffice to say, Apple is sending the message that this event is BIG. Maybe even bigger than the iPad event in 2010. What could possibly make it bigger? iWear.

I was reading an article on ComputerWorld by Mike Elgan and he posits that the iWatch (iWear) will be revolutionary because of two things. One, it will replace the need for physical credit cards. It will be used to purchase just about anything anywhere on the fly and do so will the utmost security. Second, it will be your health monitor. It will extrapolate data from your person and analyze it to give you an overall view of your health and or fitness. But he stopped short of what I think a third crucial feature will also be. The third big feature is presence awareness.You have this device with you at all times and it tells other devices that you are present.

Think about entering your house, and your house knows you’ve just arrived. It unlocks the door and lets you in. Maybe Siri welcomes you home, and adjusts the temperature and lighting to your liking automatically. Your loved one calls to check on you, and you’re in the kitchen with just your iPad and only it rings because it knows you are there. On your way to answer your iPad you slip and fall and fail to answer. Your loved one is concerned, so they ask their iDevice where you are and Siri responds that you are at home in the kitchen. You have hurt your hip and can’t get up, but call out to Siri (who is always listening) to summon for help. You authorize Siri to let the EMTs know where you are located in the house and Siri will let them in automatically.

Later, you’ve recovered and need to do a follow up visit with your doctor. No need to check in, because the iWear has alerted the office devices of your presence. The doctor prescribes for you pain medicine and orders it at Walgreens. You walk into Walgreens and they announce over the loudspeaker that your order is ready for pick up. No need for scripts, or verification of who you are, because you have iWear. You leave the pharmacy and have forgotten where you parked. iWear communicates with the car (via CarPlay) and leads you there. The car automatically unlocks itself and starts playing your favorite station. Once you get back home, iWear will alert you how much medicine to take and when you should be taking it.

So iWear will not only replace physical cards, but it could also replace drivers licenses, plane tickets, subway passes, movie passes, gift cards etc. Oh, and that Siri at home feature that knows where you are, is an enhanced version of Apple TV used with iBeacons. It links together your HomeKit appliances (lighting, cooling, door-locks) with your iDevices. No need for an expensive computer to pull it all together, $99 plus whatever the iBeacons cost will bring this vision to fruition. It sounds more like something from the sci-fi futuristic TV show Eureka. But I think the future is closer at hand. And I think at Tuesday’s event, Apple is going to give us a glimpse!

Looking Ahead

As excited as I am with the upcoming launch of iOS 8 and new iPhones and the awesomeness of larger displays and the new OS openness, I am already feeling a douse of cold water. I’m talking about the leaks I’ve been hearing about the new phones and some of the specs that I suspect Apple is going to launch. I’m not going to speculate what Apple is going to deliver, because I haven’t been very accurate in the past. So with that said, I am going to rant about what I most want out of my new phone.

1. I want a much better camera, not some incremental update. Wow me like how Samsung and Nokia wows their customers with awesome cameras that take exceptional pictures. I don’t care about phone thinness or protruding lenses, just results. A friend handed me his S5 and showed me how he took incredible photos and videos even underwater of his kids got me thinking why can’t Apple deliver on something like this? If Apple wants to charge premium prices (and I do pay premium since I am with T-Mobile and pay for unsubsidized phones) I want to have a premium camera.I don’t care what pundits say about the 5s camera, to me its just, meh.

2.Give me a real battery! Isn’t Apple embarrassed by Samsung’s latest ad about the wall-huggers? They should be because its true if you are a power user. I leave Bluetooth on all day due to needing it for my Pebble watch and Beats headphones and I can barely last 12-14 hours on an overnight charge. My friend with the S5 can go 2-3 days without charging. I’m not sure if he is a power user, but Samsung is known for putting huge batteries in their phone.Yes rumors are saying the larger phones will have bigger batteries, but hell they will need to have them due to the larger sized screens! Give me a phone that can stay charged longer than a part of a day! Especially since you want to push iBeaons/Bluetooth LE down our throats.

3. This isn’t huge for me, but it would be a nice to have. If other OEM’s can make phones that are water resistant, why can’t Apple? Why must I worry if I get caught in a downpour and where my phone is on my person? Its almost 2015, we shouldn’t have to worry if our phones will be damaged due to the most prevalent substance on earth. And I am not even asking for water proofing, just water resistance.

Sounds like I have Samsung envy. And maybe I do. Their screens look awesome, take great pics and are waterproof. I’d consider buying one if came with iOS preloaded on it.

Good article about how to use AirDrop on your iDevice. Though I would be remiss not to add that it only works if you are in relatively close proximity (15-20 feet away) and that sometimes it takes awhile to “locate” another iDevice. I think iOS 8 will make using AirDrop a lot smoother and easier.

I can’t believe I didn’t know a couple of these tips. The use two fingers to highlight a sentence and how to quickly silence an incoming call escaped me somehow. And truth be told, I never thought about lowering the Notification screen to hide incoming texts from prying eyes. Via LoopInsight.